Stage Saturday!

peacecorps_logo-ogIt’s Stage Saturday! The Dokotoro Project has enjoyed the support of members of many different Peace Corps Mali stages throughout our project. These volunteers have helped to format documents, translate English to French and vice versa, organize information, and raise funds, all in the service of completing Where There Is No Doctor in Bambara.

In honor of these volunteers and the stages they represent, we are compiling a list of stages from Peace Corps Mali and the dates of their service in country. Help us complete the first ever comprehensive list of Peace Corps Mali stages!

To further honor these stages and their work, please donate to the Dokotoro Project today – we have almost finished the book!

We will update the list as we receive your comments.

  • Vanity (1993)
  • Waikwong (1994)
  • Frenchy (1995)
  • Attitude (1996)
  • Love (1997)
  • Massage (1998)
  • Mommy (1998)
  • Me (1998)
  • Lust (199)
  • 12-Step (2000)
  • Baby (2001)
  • Sorority (2002)
  • YMCA (2002)
  • Butterknife (2004)
  • KISS (2004)
  • Denny’s (2004)
  • Ginsu (2005)
  • Belushi (2006)
  • Breakfast Club (2007)
  • HOBOs / Honey Bunches of Oats (2008)
  • Risky Business (2009)
  • Team America (2010)
  • The Kennedys (2011)
  • Goodfellas (2011)
  • Mad Hatters (2012)

Comment below to add your stage information to the list!

Help Us to Raise $15K and Finish the Book!

Today we are launching our (hopefully final!) fundraising campaign. We are trying to raise $15,000, enough for us to pay our translators to finish translating every word of Where There Is No Doctor into Bambara. We started this project over two years ago, and the end is finally in sight. Please consider making a donation to help make this dream a reality, and put life-saving information into the hands of ordinary Malians. As of today, we’ve already raised $7,743, so we are just over halfway towards our goal. A huge thank you to everyone who has already donated!

The theme of our fundraising campaign is Walenyumandon, the Bambara word for gratitude.


What are you grateful for in your life? Many of us have been touched by our time in Mali, with incredible host families, unforgettable life lessons, and cherished friends. We are also grateful for the health resources we have here in the United States, often lacking in West Africa. Many of our supporters do so out of a desire to “give back” in some small way for all that we’ve received.

We encourage you to share with the world what YOU are grateful for this Fall, whether it be a host family that cared for you while ill, great friends you made abroad, or simply having access to a hospital in the United States.

Today we are kicking off our 2014 online fundraiser campaign by asking our friends and supporters to share what they are grateful for. If you appreciate the work we do, please give now to help us meet our fundraising goal.

Fall Fundraiser a Big Success!

Thank you to everyone who attended our third annual Fall Fundraiser on October 25. We would also like to thank everyone who contributed their time, effort, and talent to make the evening such a huge success.

11003_662051803890280_7180422031007714888_n 10402769_662051813890279_2413226499405707321_n 10703662_662051787223615_5080078307311481649_n

And thanks to our donors, we raised $6,543 to help finish translating Where There Is No Doctor into Bambara. When you add that to several recent online donations, and a few friends who have promised us that “the check is in the mail,” we are over halfway towards our goal of $15,000 that we need to finish the book!

If you could not attend, now would be a great time to give. Please donate now to help us meet our goal and put this life-saving information into the hands of ordinary Malians.