Books for Sale!

The printed Bambara edition of Where There Is No Doctor is now available. We were overjoyed to pick up a few copies today. A huge thanks to all who made this possible — volunteers, donors, translators, editors, designers, illustrators…

You can order copies from Hesperian via their website. In addition, the entire book is available for free in various formats (html, PDF, ebook) here.

The next steps for the Dokotoro Project are (1) to arrange to have the book printed and distributed in West Africa, and (2) to support Hesperian’s effort to produce an updated French-language edition (there is no definitive date for this, but maybe coming out sometime in 2020).

Stay tuned for news about a book launch party in the Bay Area this summer!

2 thoughts on “Books for Sale!

  1. I wrote a report/pamphlet titled “Where there is no anthropometer?” based on my work for CARE in the region around Macina in 1989 and 1990. It explains how to recognize the signs of undernutrition (both marasmus and kwashiorkor) in children if you don’t have any measuring equipment. I would love to see it made available in Bambara. I don’t know that I have any copies of it any more, but CARE Mali should. I would also love to see my book, Dancing Skeletons, about my research in Mali translated into French (as a first step, it is too unbelievable to imagine it in Bambara). If you know anyone who would be interested in either project, please contact me for complete and free permission.

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