Budget and Timeline

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Translation budget

We are committed to paying our Malian translation team a fair wage for theirwork. We are paying prevailing international rates of approximately US $0.20 per word for translation, proofreading and correction by two additional readers, and consultation with doctors or health workers to verify parts of the text.

Translation costs (600 pages at about $38 per page, depending on the the exchange rate from US dollars to West African francs, or CFA) will be $22,800.

Other costs

We are working on estimating the costs for editing, field testing, layout, printing, storage and distribution, which will be additional. Please check back later for more information.


This project will be conducted in a few distinct phases. During our initial start-up phase we will update, translate, and lay out two chapters. From there, we will conduct fundraising and outreach with the aim of raising enough money to translate the remainder of the book, and developing a detailed distribution plan with trusted partners. Our final phase will include field testing, revision, printing, and distribution of the book.

We estimate that our total timeline will be about 2.5 years, depending on our ability to raise funds. The expected completion date for the project is Summer 2014.