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peacecorps_logo-ogIt’s Stage Saturday! The Dokotoro Project has enjoyed the support of members of many different Peace Corps Mali stages throughout our project. These volunteers have helped to format documents, translate English to French and vice versa, organize information, and raise funds, all in the service of completing Where There Is No Doctor in Bambara.

In honor of these volunteers and the stages they represent, we are compiling a list of stages from Peace Corps Mali and the dates of their service in country. Help us complete the first ever comprehensive list of Peace Corps Mali stages!

To further honor these stages and their work, please donate to the Dokotoro Project today – we have almost finished the book!

We will update the list as we receive your comments.

  • Vanity (1993)
  • Waikwong (1994)
  • Frenchy (1995)
  • Attitude (1996)
  • Love (1997)
  • Massage (1998)
  • Mommy (1998)
  • Me (1998)
  • Lust (199)
  • 12-Step (2000)
  • Baby (2001)
  • Sorority (2002)
  • YMCA (2002)
  • Butterknife (2004)
  • KISS (2004)
  • Denny’s (2004)
  • Ginsu (2005)
  • Belushi (2006)
  • Breakfast Club (2007)
  • HOBOs / Honey Bunches of Oats (2008)
  • Risky Business (2009)
  • Team America (2010)
  • The Kennedys (2011)
  • Goodfellas (2011)
  • Mad Hatters (2012)

Comment below to add your stage information to the list!

21 thoughts on “Stage Saturday!

  1. Back in rainy season 1983 there was a “mega-stage” in Moribabougou – not the first mega-stage, and actually the second in Moribabougou (I believe the first was 2 years earlier). Don’t recall if there was a name for this group of 50+, which included a subgroup of 6 forestry vols that had already completed Stateside technical training, and ultimately completed 17 weeks of training(!). It was also the first stage to have a group doing language training in Fulfulde (in addition to Bambara and French).

  2. The Frenchy stage of which I was a part was so named because most of us knew at least some level of French as we joined. However, the personification of the stage name…almost a caricature. .. was Thomas Bruns, who was a SED volunteer in Ouelessabougou. His mom was French or something. He could speak French better than anyone between Tubaniso and the French embassy downtown. When he spoke French it made you want to reach for an espresso and a pack of Gauloises–in other words, thoroughly irritating. To make matters worse, he learned Bambara in a split second.

  3. 98-00 ( sed, hlth, water) was Mommie stage; 98-00 (arg) was Me stage ;99-01 (sed,water,hlth) was Lust stage

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