New Downloads Page

We’re excited to announce a new Downloads page on the Dokotoro Project website! Here, anyone who’s interested can keep track of our work. You can download drafts of the first two chapters that we’ve had translated.

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You’ll also find links to the French-language version of Where There is No Doctor, Là Où Il n’y a Pas de Docteur, originally published by the Senegalese NGO ENDA. We are working hard to modernize and update this edition before translating it into Bambara.


December Project Update

During November, our focus was on planning our big Launch Party and Fundraiser, which was by all accounts a big success. After a month off, the Dokotoro Project Steering Committee held its monthly meeting on December 2. Here’s a short wrap-up.

General updates

The group welcomed Zach Matheson to the steering committee. We extended our thanks to Anh Ly, who is leaving the steering committee due to other commitments.


Fundraising update

We raised around $6,000 from the fundraiser, including donations that came in immediately before and after the event. There are a few loose ends, e.g. checks written to the wrong organization, bad credit card numbers, that need to be taken care of. For anyone who gave us an address, you should have already gotten a donor acknowledgment from African Sky, and a personal thank you note from us.

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