Print Edition Coming Soon! Read Online Now

Greetings! It’s been a while since our last update, but things have been happening behind the scenes at the Dokotoro Project.

We started this project with one simple goal — to have the book Where There Is No Doctor translated into Bambara and publish it in Mali, West Africa. We are inching ever closer to this goal. The manuscript is laid out and undergoing final review. We hope to have 100 copies available for sale in the US early next year, and then to arrange for a larger print run in Bamako.

In the meantime, you can preview the book online in a few different ways.

Là Où Il n’y a Pas de Docteur

We’re also working on a parallel edition in French. This was an important outcome of our workshops in Bamako last fall. Participants told us that they want (some said need) to have this material in French. Health workers told us they plan to use the book in Bambara-speaking communities, but for themselves, they want it in French for reference, and also to show to their bosses (who will be making purchasing decisions!).

With the help of our partners at Hesperian Health Guides, we have hired a wonderful, highly-skilled French editor to thoroughly edit our French manuscript. However, it has been slow, as she has had to squeeze in this work in between other, better-paying jobs.

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