Where There Is No…

A lot of people I’ve talked to are not aware that, besides the famous book Where There is No Doctor, Hesperian Health Guides publishes dozens of other titles. Some of them have titles following a familiar pattern, like Where There is No Dentist, or Where Women Have No Doctor. Other titles include A Community Guide to Environmental Health or the brand-new Workers’ Guide to Health and Safety.

Hesperian publishes most of its titles in both English and Spanish. For other languages, they rely on partner organizations to translate their books, while adapting them for their own region. As a relatively small nonprofit, they just don’t have the resources to cover the globe, so that’s where organizations like The Dokotoro Project come in. Hesperian’s languages page includes links to read or buy copies in 80 different languages.

I recently learned about a couple of books (not from Hesperian) with familiar-looking titles that would probably be extremely useful in West Africa. Have any of our readers ever read or owned a copy of one of these books?

Where There is No VetWhere There is No Animal Doctor