Wikipedia via SMS for the developing world

This looks like an initiative to keep an eye on, since many people in West Africa have mobile phones and text messages are an inexpensive way to transmit text. What do you think? Can you imagine reading Where There is No Doctor 140 characters at a time?

photo by Victor Grigas

“Even as we all love to debate the scholarly merits of Wikipedia, there’s no denying that it’s an immensely powerful research and learning tool. That goes doubly so in poor nations, where access to education materials can be limited to nonexistent. To that end, Wikimedia started the Wikipedia Zero project, which aims to partner with mobile service providers to bring Wikipedia to poor regions free of charge. It’s a killer strategy, because while computer and internet access is still fleeting for much of the world, cell phones are far more ubiquitous. Wikimedia claims that four mobile partnerships signed since 2012 brings free Wiki service to 330 million cell subscribers in 35 countries, a huge boon for folks whose phones have web capability but who can’t afford data charges.”

Via slashdot and boingboing.