Two New Chapters Posted

examining a patient

How to examine a sick person — Comment examiner un malade — BanabagatÉ” lajÉ›cogo

This weekend , we posted two new chapters to the Downloads page:

  • Chapter 3: How to examine a sick person
  • Chapter 4: How to take care of a sick person

There are 3 other chapters that have been translated (5, 7, and the glossary), and we’ll post them here as soon as we have time to format the files.

These files on the Downloads page are not the final version that will go to print, hopefully in 2015. Before then, there will be additional rounds of proofreading and field testing, and then they will be professionally laid out by our amazing design volunteers.

If you read French and/or Bambara, we would be thrilled to receive any comments or suggestions on the text.